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Baby on board

What's the point of those 'baby on board' signs people put in their car windows?

I've never understood their use. What, now I wont rear-end you because you have a baby in the car? I shouldn't beep you if you do something stupid? Or is it more like boasting? Look at me, I'm so clever, I know how to reproduce...?

This has bugged me for years. Maybe it's just one of those things you don't understand until you're a parent yourself.

Happiest birthday gift

What was the best birthday gift you ever received? What made it so special?
That's a tie between four gifts (I know, cheating), two I got for my 18th birthday and two I got for my 21st birthday.

For my 18th, my mum gave me a car and a trip to Egypt. I know! Fucking unbelievable, right? What a spoiled little rich bitch. But actually, no. I am anything but. My mum is poor, she's always struggled to keep our family afloat. Which makes those gifts even more amazing and special to me.

The car was nothing fancy, an old Mitsubishi Sigma. But fucking fantastic because it's a car!! And the trip to Egypt, well! My mum supplements her writer's income by leading tours. She managed to negotiate a deal for me on one of the tours she was leading to Egypt. Crazy expensive, and absolutely mind-blowing for an 18 year old who had never been overseas before. Actually, I was 17 when I left. I turned 18 in the Valley of the Kings. And that evening I celebrated with the tour group on a boat on the Nile. You know, I don't think I ever really realised just how amazing a gift that was. Not many kids get do that. Shit. I <3 my mum.

For my 21st, my mum gave me a MacBook. Aaaaarrrgghh, so exciting! Before that I used whatever crappy machine my computer nerd friends didn't want anymore, or the computer in mum's study. Mum didn't really like me and my brother using that computer though, it disturbed her while she was trying to work. So getting my own laptop, omg. Omg omg omg. It was so freeing, I loved it. I still love it. I don't think I could ever sell this computer, there's too much sentimental value.

The second amazing gift I got for my 21st was from my boyfriend. He gave me a beautiful gold and diamond necklace. It's so pretty and special, it makes me tear up just thinking about it. I hardly ever wear it, because I know it cost a fuck load. It's insured, so I really shouldn't stress so much about it, but still. I'd feel so awful if I damaged it or lost it somehow. So it only really comes out on special occasions, like Valentine's Day or our anniversary. Which is ok, really, because I'm going to have it forever. There will be many opportunities to wear it over the years.

So, there it is. Four amazingly generous gifts, given by people who I love and who love me. I'm so damn lucky.


I just had a convo with a guy I know about Lady Gaga. I was telling him how much I love love looove her, how much I like her music, how talented and amazing she is, and he was like, 'No, she sucks. I don't know any straight guy who thinks she's attractive'.

Uh. I was talking about her TALENT, not her looks.

Funny how, for so many men, their only criteria for a woman's worth is her attractiveness. Even when talking about musical talent, it still comes down to how 'hot' the 'chick' is.

And the thing is, Gaga IS attractive. She has an insane body. But she doesn't flaunt it in the same way, say, the Pussycat Dolls or Shakira do. It's not obviously sexy-for-men, so therefore she has no worth.

Which is part of why I love Gaga. She's sexy, but for women. I love that. I just wish men weren't so hateful about this woman not playing sex kitten for them. They can't stand the fact that a woman is confident in herself and her sexuality, but isn't doing it for their attention.

And people think there's no need for feminism anymore...


My bf just got told he looks like Clive Owen. He's practically beaming right now. So cute, I love it. He's better than Clive Owen, anyway. <3


I'm reading this post on ONTD and god damn, people's creepy stories are freaking me out. I never used to believe in the paranormal, but after having a ghost bang on the bedroom door next to me while me and a friend were trying to record ghost activity, I'm not so skeptical. Plus I've heard so many stories from friends. Sure, there are some things I'm still suspicious about. Like when people are in bed and experience something when they wake up/are drifting off to sleep. That's more likely to be a result of sleep paralysis than actual supernatural activity.

But other things... I just can't find any other explanation. Like the banging on the bedroom door. There was no one else in the house, and no one could have crept into the house to freak us out (the house is above a shop, so you can only get in via the front door, and that door is very loud when opened and closed). Like a friend who sees her dead Grandpa reflected in a mirror in her hallway. Like the friend who saw a large smokey shape throwing things around his house. I just... wtf explains that??

While this is all very freaky, it's also kind of comforting. If it's true, it means we exist in some form after we die. Maybe not in the sense that our 'souls' are still here. Maybe these 'ghosts' are just residual energy, like a photo of a person rather than the actual person. Maybe they're something more sinister.

I have no idea, really. I just think there's more to this world than we acknowledge. We're too quick to assume that everything we currently experience and know is all that can be experienced and known. Like seemingly impossible things haven't been discovered before, like electricity, or the earth revolving around the sun. We're too quick to dismiss things as stupid, crazy, ridiculous. We know shit all about the universe and how it works, really.


I think that too often I stress about my relationship with my man. I stress about the little things that don't even matter. I get all worked up about stuff and have a stamp and a yell. And he's so good to me that he apologises most of the time.

Lately I've been thinking, wtf am I getting so pissy about this stuff for? Does it really matter? Really? I think the answer is definitely no. We're only here for 80 or so years, if we're lucky. We can't waste it getting cranky over small things. It's time to let go of the small annoyances and look at the big picture. Do I want to spend my time stressed and angry, or do I want to spend it happy and in love?

I'm going to be a more calm, relaxed and happy girlfriend for my man. We've been together five years, and while I've put up with a lot from him, he puts up with some crap from me too. He doesn't deserve it. He's a great man.

My island home

Today was 31 degrees Celsius. The first truly hot day of spring. Had Mediterranean salad in the sun at a lovely local Italian place, then Maccas choc sundae. Walked down to the beach twice (once in the morning, again in the early evening). So beautiful.

I always forget how much I love summer (even though it's still spring, sshh) when it's winter. I love winter in it's own little way. It's great to dress up in tall boots and warm coats. Maybe take a trip to Thredbo and pretend you're in the Alps.

But then you get that first awesomely hot day, and it hits. You remember how great it is to lick ice creams and drink beers on patios and have barbecues in your mate's backyard. Women in the kitchen making salad and gossiping, men in the backyard playing cricket and talking shit. Feeling happy and free and Australian.

On that first hot day, I love this country that extra little bit more. Every year it's the same. I have these grand dreams of moving to San Francisco, or London. But then summer hits, and god... I know I'll never leave this sunburnt country, this land of sweeping plains. <3


I had a dream last night. It was AMAZING. I dreampt that I had tons of babies with my boyfriend. And we were so freaking happy. Like ludicrously happy, even when they were screaming and pooping and whatnot. Sigh. I think I'm getting reaaaally clucky. I'm only 23, Lord help me. If I could marry him tomorrow and start popping out babies in 6 months or so, I would. I want them. ASAP. Which is ridiculous, considering I was always the girl who never wanted to get married or have babies. Eww babies, I'd say. But now, I'm a cooing mess whenever I see a child under 2. It's a funny old world.

I don't even know

I always avoid doing my uni work (or any work). I dread it like nothing else. But then when I actually get around to doing it (1000 hours after I should have started it), I discover it's nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be. In fact, when I finally sat down to do my management essay today, I realised I was actually enjoying it. It was fucking FUN! Same with cleaning (lame as that sounds). I think I loathe cleaning, but I get a massive fucking kick out of making eveything pretty and neat. Why the hell do I avoid doing things I actually like??